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Omni-channel execution from a single UI!

Scott Draeger
Posted by Scott Draeger VP Product Management Wednesday, May 23, 2018 - 23:11

Scott joined the industry in 1997, after earning a B.A. from University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He started as a document designer using several VDP technologies, before moving to the software side of the industry. He has more than 17 years of experience in the document composition software industry as both a transactional document designer and a software vendor. He earned his EDP and M-EDP certification from Xplor and his MBA in 2007 from the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.

Customer Experience Update
Omni-channel execution from a single UI!

At Quadient, we learn by listening. As our customers have been adding channels to their installations, they have been facing production stream management challenges. When customer preference collides with bounce backs and other undelivered messages, business users often have to track down pieces in several production systems (print, web, email, SMS, etc) to find the problem. This is often so much trouble, that business users choose to not support the channels customers love, which impacts CX negatively. 

As Quadient users are accustomed to designing for all channels, they have been writing their own systems for channel delivery, because most of the channel delivery systems were managed by different teams. Now, that can be centralized in a way that prioritizes production around the customer’s preference. This is how it should be!

Our Omnichannel Coordination service was built around our Scaler production automation technology. It also works with Messenger to ensure delivery of the touchpoint for email, notification and SMS channels. This allows Omnichannel Coordination to give business users a way to track their communications, touchpoint by touchpoint, regardless of channel. Omnichannel Coordination brings the efficiency of Scaler’s ADF capabilities to e-channels. 

For the enterprise, it means a single place to track production as it moves through channels, reacting to customer delivery status. You can also take advantage of the data service integration into R12, to assess deliverability of addresses and validity of email addresses to further ensure you are about to send the right message to the right place. This minimizes audit requirements and saves time.  

Business users can use one of four Channel Process Types (email, print/mail, SMS, mobile or custom) to identify the categories of channels they are delivering to. Then, they set up Channel Processes that pair with logic in Delivery Rules to easily configure omnichannel production. Then, jobs are run through the system, removing customer records as they are confirmed as delivered. For the undelivered items, they are moved to the next appropriate channel. 

As you check out the R12 materials, take a look at Omnichannel Coordination. It amplifies the automation power of Scaler by using it to coordinate all of your CCM channels!